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Name: Ruby

Age: 15, but 16 on June 24th

Favorite character and why: Hermione Granger, mostly because she is smart and classy for the most part, even arrogant at times. She is the student I wish i could be, and prob. could be if I tried harder than I do. She seems more distant and off in her own little world at times and so that makes me more interested in what kind of a character she really is in depth.

Which character I picture myself as and why: Now, even though I am a girl I would picture myself if anyone as Neville. This is because even though he doesnt stand up for himself very often he will when he has to. He also has a frog as his animal of choice and I love reptiles. Not to mention the fact that Neville is mostly in the vackground and unseen, but when he makes himself seen he usually embarasses himself. Just like me!!!

Movies or Books and why: I like the movies for entertainment, but I would take the books over the movies any day. Mostly because they allow me to create my own pictures and toughts about the characters. I am able to see Harry Potter as I wish to see it, not in the manner that a film makes it known.
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welcome, oh and i agree with all of your statements...its seems like you have really looked into and figured out every character.